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Free Green Leaves Flat Lay Template for PowerPoint and Google Slides

Green Leaves Flat Lay Template for PowerPoint and Google Slides


Free green leaves flat lay Google Slides theme and PowerPoint template. An elegant and relaxing presentation theme showcasing green leaves on a white wooden table.

Tired of the same old boring PowerPoint templates? Now is a great time to turn over a new leaf! Why don’t you try this trendy Flat Lay theme representing a white wooden table upon which green leaves rest?

Indeed, Flat lay is a photo technique that consists of a minimalist layout and meticulously arranged elements seen from above. It is extremely popular nowadays and it offers you an original background. Moreover, the tree leaves will convey a fresh summertime atmosphere to your presentation.

Amaze your audience by downloading this free Green Leaves Flat Lay Google Slides theme and PowerPoint template now!

Don’t let your visuals fall flat! As a matter of fact, flat Lay is not only a bird’s eye view of different objects displayed on an even surface. It is also a new way of telling stories.

This Google Slides theme narrates a garden party, a picnic in the countryside, or a pleasant conversation under the shade of trees. The six slides relate a treasured moment among friends in contact with nature. The white and green colors transmit a relaxing, reinvigorating mood to your background visuals. Fern, hazel, maple, and hickory leaves decorate the tables and their rustic texture made of wood grain and knots.

You can choose the fonts you like to highlight your text on this elegant white background. Besides, you can include your photo in the picture placeholder of the Thank You slide.

This green leaves PPTX/POTX template is suitable for any presentation linked to gardening, forestry, ecology, botany, green energies, and environmental conservation.

Furthermore, since green is a color that conveys a sense of balance, growth, renewal, and abundance, you can use this free Google Slides theme for all kinds of business and professional presentations. No doubt this Green Leaves Flat Lay PowerPoint template will be your four-leaf clover, that is your lucky charm for a successful presentation. Show your audience you really have something to bring to the table!

Finally, the “Green Leaves Flat Lay” presentation theme contains a selection of 6 master slide layouts: title (cover) slide, title and content (2 variants), section (2 alternatives), and a ‘thank you!’ closing slide. It also includes all the visual elements you can see in the preview (Cf. below).

Also, on the last closing slide, you can insert your photo ID in the leaf-shape picture placeholder provided.

Includes 2 slide option designs: Standard (4:3) and Widescreen (16:9).

The background of this template has been created with photos from Unsplash. All photos published on Unsplash can be used for free (read the full license here) – thanks, guys!

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